Worldwide oldest private Laboratory for TL testing authenticity Analyses since 1979 .

We have tested more than 120,000 samples of ceramic and bronze objects 
(with approximately 1,200.000 individual data) 
This wealth of experience in the application of a so-called 
absolute Tl measurement method yielded numerous saturations of authentically
fired samples and newly fired to the tested objects .







Suitable materials

  • Ceramics, fired clay
  • Metal objects with residual iron cores
  • Art objects
  • Stoves, tile, masonry
  • porcelain

We offer you

  • TL-analyzes / reports
  • Porcelain reports (incl. ICP / MS with authentic samples)
  • TL test certificate with ICP / MS analysis
  • Ceramic structural test
  • CT scan (computed tomography)
  • AMS 14 C

Help and Security for your objects

When analyzing your artefact only small quantities are needed for sampling,so that the objects are not unnecessarily damaged.The sample quantities are minimal (50-200 mg).The TL-analysis provides some information about the last time of heating to the samples!

Part-statements in the report as an example:

Analysis results of the individual/s  sample/s         1 8 0 0 years (+/- 20%)  

The powder sampling was carried out by myself at the following locations:    A.Sample : Buttocks      B: Shoulder    C : Head chin

Substantiated certificates

Since 1979  TL-analysis of ceramics from such differnt areas as, for example, Chinese, Antique, African or Pre-Columbien culture underlines great experience. Latest computer technology supports and completes analysis. Thus defination of age is possible with +/- 15-35% exactitude. This is more than sufficient to identify modern imitations.