The Experts


Benjamin Kotalla (BA) and Ralf Kotalla

Ralf Kotalla gained his first, important experience with ceramics through activities in the art trade, gallery and antiques business. In 1979 he had first contacts with the field of forgery analysis and convinced the Rathgen-Institute, Berlin, of the idee to draw up expert reports for commercial purposes. Therupon he attended first training courses at the Rathgen-Institute, Berlin. Further courses completing his training an he had himself trained as radiation security agent. in 1979 he founded after the acquisition of the first TL-district at “Littlemoore Co.”, Oxford, the Laboratory for Forgery Detection – Ralf Kotalla.
Ralf Kotalla can now look back on 40 varied, rich experiencend years in laboratories, in which the technology of the new laboratory equipment was more sophisticated and accurate and the experience grew steadily in about 1000 reports per year. He is a member of “BVK” • Bundesverband öffentlich bestellter vereidigter Kunstsachverständiger sowie qualifizierter Kunstsachverständige e.V.

For several years, Ralf Kotalla is assisted by his son Benjamin Kotalla, who joined after his successful studies in his father’s business.